The following are genuine testimonials. I would like to thank those that have taken the time to contribute and allowed me to publish them.

"I’ve attended several of Sara’s courses and field trips over the last couple of years, and have learned a vast amount in that time about taking pictures, editing pictures, and using all the facilities available on my camera. She really knows her stuff, and has never failed to come up with an answer to any question I’ve thrown at her.

The quality of her pictures speaks for itself. She “walks the walk”, showing what can be achieved, and that pushes her students to try different things and improve their own pictures.

But the really good thing for me is I always find a smile growing on my face as I head off for a session – Sara is always positive and encouraging, and makes everyone feel inspired and confident. Laughing while learning, trying new things, and feeling a sense of improvement and achievement is about as good as it gets for me!"

Chris Bell

Sara’s classes and workshops are first rate! Sara manages to keep a well-judged balance between theoretical and practical work and backs it up with concise and informative notes. One of the things which impressed me most about her classes is the way in which Sara keeps everyone moving at the pace which is comfortable for them; never ‘leaving anyone behind’, adapting flexibly to each individual’s learning style.

I’ve attended Sara’s classes in photography and photo editing at The Gregson Centre and a few of Sara’s indoor and outdoor workshops. I also had some private tuition when a cousin advised me that I was to be his wedding photographer!

Claire (Bude)

"I have attended an Adult Education Photoshop Elements course on which Sara was a tutor. From the start of the first session I was impressed by Sara's knowledge and ability to share that knowledge with a mixed group who had varying photographic and computer skills. Her sessions were always well planned, built on prior learning and above all enjoyable. Her good humour and patience enabled the group as a whole to improve".

Stephanie Thomas

"I have attended several photography courses taught by Sara and received some private coaching from her. I have, throughout, found her an inspirational teacher. She knows her subject through and through and is keen to share her enthusiasm for it with her students. Sara is, in her own right, a talented photographer and has produced a gallery of amazing work. I wish her well in all she undertakes in the future."

Delphine Plaskett

"When my husband bought a new camera that does a little more than point and shoot, I wondered how we would ever learn to use it successfully. Then I remembered Sara, who I have done other courses with. I booked us both on her photography starter course and then the intermediate course. We both throughly enjoyed them. Sara has taught us both a lot about setting the camera and taking excellent pictures. The field trips were brilliant and informative.

Sara is a brilliant photographer and tutor; we always enjoy looking at her pictures"


"I have attended three Adult Education courses on Photography and Editing run by Sara and cannot speak highly enough about her depth of knowledge, understanding and enthusiasm regarding all aspects of photography.

It was obvious that Sara’s preparation for the sessions was very thorough and her tuition was delivered in a friendly, professional manner, increasing my confidence as the courses progressed.

I needed to be taken out of my comfort zones and Sara skilfully achieved that, showing me a new, exciting world of photography and editing. During each of the sessions including our trips out to the beach, waterfalls and to a wildlife centre, Sara’s teaching always enlightened me, made complete sense, then gave me several “Eureka” moments!
If I ever needed advice at home, Sara always responded to my emails without fail, providing further sound advice and encouragement, willingly giving more of her time.
To view Sara’s own stunning photographs, including her wonderful images created indoors, together with those of nature, animals and sporting events, is a delight that should not be missed.

I look forward to being one of Sara’s tutees again sometime in the future; I miss my “Eureka” moments!"

John Trayhurn (Retired teacher)

"Sara is an inspirational teacher. She is extremely knowledgeable about her subject but has the unique ability to explain even the most technical details in an easily understood way. She is a patient instructor and is always prepared to ensure the slowest learner will not feel left out. Her lessons are good fun and never boring; you walk away feeling a sense of achievement. Whether you are an absolute beginner or have a good grounding in the subject Sara will always challenge you to stretch your capability. Your camera stops controlling you and you start controlling it."

John L

"Really enjoyed the group sessions and what I learned has greatly improved my photographs. With what you taught me of post-production I've been able to better emphasise the atmosphere. I've even had a few accepted for international exhibitions since doing the course!"


"I have attended two Photography Courses run by Sara Rance and I learnt so much on these courses. Sara gave me help and advised me to buy the best camera for my needs (Sony a57) which I love. Despite the fact that I have been taking photos for over 30 years after attending these courses I now have the confidence to try out different techniques with my camera rather than just using it on 'Auto'.

Thanks Sara."

Richard Goodman

"I have completed two camera and one editing course run by Sara. They were very informative and greatly improved my photography skills. I also went to a few 'location shoots' which I loved. Sara is unfailingly enthusiastic, helpful and never minds explaining points again if they didn't quite sink in the first time! Hopefully I will be joining more courses in the near future.

D Hide

"Sara has been really inspiring. I started off just wanting to know how my camera worked, and ended up finding a serious passion I never knew I had.

As a tutor she has a really down to earth attitude to teaching and learning, and is so approachable; no one is ever made to feel like something is a 'silly question'. The support she's provided between sessions has been invaluable too.

If you're looking for a photography tutor, I really can't recommend Sara highly enough."


"Sara has a softly, softly approach and keeps it fun. Beginners learn in a easy going, group environment. I learned and laughed at the same time and by the last session knew what all those buttons do on my camera. Great!"

Martin W

"I completed 3 different photography courses with Sara and l learnt such a lot at the same time as having lots of fun. She was very patient and understanding of my very limited knowledge."